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Just Finishes has a decade of experience working for some of Australia's most popular designers and architects on some of the most prestigeous projects. Just Finishes takes pride in providing high-quality, commercial-grade finishes, professionally and on-time.
To begin with, Just Finishes uses superior materials that are more durable, last much longer and repair easier than other cheaper synthetic materials. This is important in a higher-trafficed public setting and means a longer-life and a better appearance for your project. For more details, check out the
Just Finishes comparison chart.
If you want a quality finish that will provide sigfinicant return on investment, Just Finishes is the only choice.
Take a look at some of our commercial works and see why Just Finishes is the choice for quality-driven designers, architects and builders.

Commercial Examples
Just Finishes works on commercial projects. Check these out!

Make sure to check out our client case studies for more examples.

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Australia: (02) 9573-1615.

Outside Australia contact details are here.

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