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Authentic Marble Stucco can be applied directly to interior surfaces of any size and curvature. No “join lines” either!

Their material will not bond to the substrate the same as Just Finishes Marble Stucco, resulting in finish breakdown (chips & fades)


Just Finishes uses 5-7 coat process for durable and densely applied coating. Small application tools give high detail.

They save labour cost by applying only 2-3 coats, which decreases durability and cheapens the detail.


We match colours using all natural pigments, resulting in decades of low-maintenance beauty.

They match colours using synthetic product. Synthetics break down quickly, making repairs necessary and obvious.


Just Finishes’ stucco is all natural & environmentally friendly.

Their synthetic material traps air bubbles and produces low levels of toxic gases for up to 7 years!


Just Finishes’ natural stucco colour doesn’t fade or alter, making “invisible” repairs possible decades in the future.

Their acrylic materials begin to chip and fade within months, making future repairs produce obvious “patchmarks”


Just Finishes uses only educated professionals trained in stucco application.

They typically use house painters with little experience in stucco application.


Make sure to review the “Quality Checklist” with your end users!


More Questions?

Give us an email or call to ask questions to a real-live human;
Australia: (02) 9573-1615.
Outside Australia contact details are here.

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