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Adding special wall finishes to your home is an excellent way to revive your living space and raise your property value without a major renovation.

What It Was:
Originally this beautiful waterfront house in Sydney's southern suburbs had a large amount of white and cream colours. The developer had chosen very glossy floor tiles, white walls, white joinery and white trim everywhere. The water view, as beautiful as it is, was reflecting lots of light into the house which made created a ‘snow-blind effect’. This made the house difficult to enjoy and appeared to 'large with no distinguishing traits'.

What Needed To Happen:
The owner of this property asked Just Finishes to help them achieve the following:

  • Add colours to fix the issues from the overwhelming amount of white and cream colours
  • Have the interior finishing give the house some unique qualities and “personality”
  • Make a warm space for a family to enjoy
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Raise the property value-

Hallway View
What We Did:
For the colours, Just Finishes used the masonry of the existing sponge floated render substrate to as a ground for our Marble Stucco finish. The colours we selected were very dark, warm tones to add richness and texture; this calmed the sunlight in the property during the day and created a bit of extra light reflected from the halogen down lights in the evening. Our interior finishes can create quite a warm reflection, much like a candlelight off a wine glass.
Marble Stucco feature walls are extremely unique. This is a specialist technique that is popular in European home interiors. It is also very low maintenance (just an occasional dusting with a dry cloth), extremely durable and, if there is some damage, very easy to repair. This tends to suit family situations well.

The Results:
The developers of this property were extremely satisfied with the results. This house recently sold for in excess of $2 million to a family that is enjoying it immensely! Mission accomplished!
More Cronulla Private Residence Images

TV Wall

Reflective Brown

High Reflection

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