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It's a bit of Manhattan in East Sydney. Not far from the clubs, pubs and nightspots rests this apartment, chic in its design, elegant in its decor and heavy in sophistication.

Just Finishes was brought in to make the interior surfaces reflect this attitude. We created a reflective stucco finish to match the desired colour, and professionally painted the complimentary walls.

"JUST FINISHES played a major role in making my home be what I want it to be. I chose the marble stucco for texture and reflectivity, which created a continuous line of shine from the entry to the private quarters. I know JUST FINISHES has done great work in the past, which is why I chose them for my own unit. "

- Greg Natalie, Owner, "Disco Chic"

"Disco Chic" Images

Living Room


Wall Detail

Upstairs Balcony

Downstairs Painting


Bedroom Finish


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