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Painting Services

Painting is more than just applying paint to a surface; it involves selecting the right colours, application method and style. Anyone can put paint on a wall, but Just Finishes service pros go beyond that.

Just Finishes not only offers painting services for both home and business, interior and exterior, but we can also help develop your colour schemes, help you decide ways to match other surfaces, and even helping choose the right product, texture and finish.

Many cheapie painters take shortcuts; they will paint over dirt, cobwebs and surface imperfections. Just Finishes' painters clean and prepare your surfaces to ensure your job retains the best appearance and the longest life possible.

There are a lot of painters out there, but very few are as committed to quality and the finished product as Just Finishes.

Call or email to arrange a quote of your project today!

Sydney Quotes: (02) 9573-1615


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