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Marble stucco is a high-quality, set plaster technique. This finish has been around since ancient Rome. The first examples can be traced to the days of Raphael, Michelangelo and other Italian masters. The finish has been modified to achieve a striking resemblance to marble. In fact, it has real marble dust in it!

Marble stucco is comprised of totally natural products including lime, milk, whiting (cuttlefish bone), marble dust, limestone, water and a beautiful earthy scent. Because of the organic nature of the stucco, there is no chemical smell or gas emission that occurs with synthetic materials, such as acrylic paint or polymer-based coatings.

Because the product is natural, it takes on a beautiful patina, which is controlled by during the application process. The stucco is applied in several coats with the result of a highly reflective surface shine! There is nothing ordinary about this finish, as it will last the test of time when applied by the experienced artists of Just Finishes.

Marble stucco is for interior surfaces only. Just Finishes has successfully applied marble stucco to the following previously painted surfaces;

  • Gyprock or plasterboard
  • Cement render
  • Set plaster
  • MDF or customwood
  • Fibrous cement sheeting (Fibro)

When the finish is complete, Just Finishes provides a protective coat of natural beeswax. Typical maintenance consists of periodic surface dusting with a dry cloth just like a treasured piece of furniture.

We class marble finish work as an installation. It is a piece of art and designed and applied to last a lifetime.

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